Wednesday, July 29, 2009

CX Training

Ok people.

Heres the drill

You need a helmet and a rechargeable high output light. Im using the Niterider Minewt, and consider it to be the bare minimum.

Taking off at 9:30

Looking to last an hr, maybe an hr and a half.

Hope for it to be brutal.

Well be utilizing the LBL trail between congress and mopac.

We will stop at the workout/stretch stations at auditorium shores and under mopac.

We will do core work till everyone catches up or 5 min.

We will do mount drilling somewhere with non-goat headed grass. Ive been doing it near the Barton pool.

Perhaps a le mans sprint race to the bridge at the end.

These are just ideas, yours might be better.

Another idea is beer somewhere that tolerates Lycra. Ive done the zax patio a few times.

Whoes in?

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