Monday, July 13, 2009

Iz got a race

This weekend I will be going to "El Valle" for a 4 hour "endurance" MTB race.

It is pretty interesting going to bike events down there. When I was growing up, there was almost no adult cycling going on. Now, there are road races, time trials, and MTB races. Commuting is still very sketching, and a "culture" does not exist like it does here.

The trails down there are not technical like terrain here. I was there this past weekend to preview the course.

The trail does test handling skills with many sharp and frequent turns. The drought has created some serious dust on the track edge. There is a steep price to pay if you washout on the single track lined with cactus.

The winner will be the one that knows the edge of his tires best.

Honestly, I think I would do better on my cross bike, but I'm sure that would ruffle some feathers or make for an excuse fest.

Looks like ill be doing some testing with my wall of gears this week.


Right now I'm looking at a 42/18 since the course has no lengthy climbs.


  1. Not familiar with this race or course - where is it?

  2. Mission trails in Mission Texas.

    They are all very new trails cut from a mesquite/cactus "forest".

    This is their first race I think.