Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Socializ'in / MTB'in / CX Train'in

Ok lets see where I left off.

Ah yes, I did my first night of CX training on Wednesday. The rain was awesome. Medium-sized D from thyneighborsbike.com joined my party.

We had a few mishaps, but we did get to surprise the hell out of two underweared girls jumping off the creek bridge around 10:15.

More on the refinement of my Wed. night CX training later.

Thursday had the Social cycling ride as the highlight.

Good ride and swim as usual.

The Liberty is not shabby. They had a table separate from their bar setup to serve the bikers. VERY COOL. Id say their hospitality rivals jackalope for best so far.

Also, they had some quality behind the bar.

After the two kegs attained buoyancy, I was able to get a Victory Prima Pils and a friend ordered a Brooklyn Lager. Good stuff for a relatively small bar.

Two slices of The Onion's pizza later, I was satisfied and sleepy.



Greenbelt time.

Teamed up with some MoJos and medium-sized D to do some riding. We did some side trails, even some bushwhacking when a trail dead ended.


Sexy pose huh?

I rolled down elephant butt on our way back.

We finished off at Taco Deli, and I topped off the 70 oz. of water with 32 oz. of Ale.

I beat the Saturday afternoon heat with a fat nap.


Back out to the belt. Did another MoJo ride and learned about yet another trail.

Again the elephant butt threw me off.

I smacked my elbow and did a little rolling again.


Ive also hit my thigh on my lockout switch twice. I have a tri-color bruise going. Ill spare you of the sight.

I went out again Monday morning before work,and before the SWAT situation.

I ran into a broken water main or something


Having been disrespected by the butt twice before, I busted a little session till I made it up cleanly.


  1. Is that a picture of the AMD Lonestar facility? If so then about 12:30 every day I'm typically looking at the exact opposite view from a ridge just east of that campus.

    When do y'all mojos roll out typically? I'd like to catch a ride sometime if I can find where the hell I put my helmet.

  2. No "typical" time, just look out for ride calls or call one yourself.

    There are some regular rides. The tuesday ride and imbibe, the monday evening single speed ride, the (almost weekly)sunday austinbike tour.

    Just keep an eye out here:


    Im "barton29er"

  3. oh i think one of the guys was saying he thought that was the AMD plant but then we all just said it was some super huge house.

    thanks for lettin me steal your photos for my site dude. (let me guess, 5 bucks right?)

  4. sweet butt action
    def have to make a fixed mtb now